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5 Ways Crowded Teeth can Impact Your Health

Crowded teeth can cause the teeth to become crooked and no one wants a crooked smile.

Crowded teeth can have a larger impact on you than just looks; they can also cause serious health issues.

Here are 5 ways crowded teeth can affect your health28

  1. Periodontal problems: Crowded teeth can cause periodontal problems such as gum disease; this happens as the bacteria in the mouth causes plaque and the gum receded from the teeth leaving more room for bacteria to grow.
  2. Bad breath: Crowding of teeth can cause bad breath because the teeth are crowded it makes it more difficult to get rid of bacteria which causes bad breath.
  3. Tooth injury: Crowded teeth tend to make some upper teeth stick out which is more likely to be injured by chipping or breaking in the event of an accident.
  4. Tooth wear: Crowded teeth can cause certain teeth to wear faster than others as they are the ones doing all the work where biting and chewing are concerned.
  5. Gastro issues: Crowded can cause gastro issues such as heartburn (indigestion) since you cannot chew your food as well, it does not digest as well and can cause heartburn and even acid reflux if left unchecked.

What can you do about crowded teeth

You will need to see your dentist and discuss with him or her, your options to reduce the crowding and straighten the teeth that have become crooked because they did not have the room they needed.

Your options are generally extraction or expansion, this means pulling a tooth (teeth in some instances) or using braces in order to move the teeth over to make room.

If you want to know what option is best for your crowded teeth Oshawa, speak to your dentist.



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