Is Bad Breath Embarrassing You?

If you suffer from bad breath regularly it can be very embarrassing and you should speak to your dentist. What to expect when you visit the dentist about your bad breath Your dentist will ask you questions concerning your medical and family history and then, he or she will likely smell your breath coming out of your mouth; and then ask you to breathe out through your nasal passages to…

Posted by harmonydentalcare1, December 19, 2017

Are You Suffering from Teeth Misalignment

Misalignment of teeth also known as malocclusion can cause some problems for you. Types of misalignment of teeth There are three types or classes of teeth misalignment; Class 1 is the most common in which the bite is ordinary but the upper teeth slightly overlay the lower teeth. Class 2 is an overbite in which the upper teeth and jaw dramatically overlap the bottom jaw and teeth Class 3 is…

Posted by harmonydentalcare1, December 12, 2017

5 Ways Crowded Teeth can Impact Your Health

Crowded teeth can cause the teeth to become crooked and no one wants a crooked smile. Crowded teeth can have a larger impact on you than just looks; they can also cause serious health issues. Here are 5 ways crowded teeth can affect your health28 Periodontal problems: Crowded teeth can cause periodontal problems such as gum disease; this happens as the bacteria in the mouth causes plaque and the gum…

Posted by harmonydentalcare1, December 5, 2017

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Could Sedation Dentistry in Oshawa Be Right for You?

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common phobias. For some people, it is due to a bad experience in the past.…

Posted by alva, January 23, 2018

5 Broken Tooth Repairs In Oshawa

A tooth can be broken in a number of ways; there is also a cracked tooth syndrome. How badly the tooth is broken or…

Posted by alva, January 16, 2018

Reasons for Loose Teeth

If you have loose teeth, you know you need to see a dentist as these loose teeth can cause problems in the near future.…

Posted by harmonydentalcare1, January 9, 2018