Dentistry Careers in Oshawa

At Harmony Dental Care, we make sure that you get all the treatments with complete guidance and care by our experienced dentists. Our team of dentists and oral specialists are devoted to assist the patients with their issues and let them feel good about their dental health. Most people are not too comfortable when it comes to visiting the dentists, and this is where Harmony Dental Care comes in. We make sure that you feel relaxed and confident plus we are willing to go an extra mile to provide best services in town. You can reach out to us anytime you prefer and ask whatever you want to know about your dental care.

If you are a dental care expert and share the same values regarding patient care and dedication towards the profession, then we have good news for you. Harmony Dental Care is always in search of proactive individuals and young talent who want to pursue their careers in dental care.

If you are resident or Oshawa and also yield traits of being smart and caring, then you can join our team and enjoy the fun friendly working environment. Make sure that you have a great understanding of this line of work and you are also a team player who knows strong work ethic equipped with an excellent attitude.

Some of the traits that we look for in our new hires include the following,

1. You must understand the integrity of your job and always ensure that you keep all your promises.
2. At Harmony Dental Care we keep ourselves at high standards by serving the patients well and always do what’s best for them. Therefore, we expect the same from you as well.
3. At our office, we promote teamwork, and for us, nothing is achievable without it.
4. We all work to improve the services that we provide to our patients, and we believe in finding new ways to serve them in a better manner.
5. We always encourage innovation and adopting new processes and practices.

You are free to contact us during our working hours. If you see any job vacancies below, then you can click the link of your interest and submit your resume for evaluation.

Currently, if there are no job vacancies available, then submit your resume, and we will consider you as soon as a vacancy arises.  Just fill out the form given below and attach your resume, after that click ‘send’ and you are all done. Vacancies appear on short notice, and we would like to have your resume on file for consideration.

Our career advisor will get in touch with you as soon as a position is available and if we believe that you are a strong candidate for the particular vacancy. Make sure that you provide your updated contact details and credentials so that we can assess your resume accurately for the available job opening.


Please enter your contact information, then add your resume and any other applicable files using the form below.