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Our dental care services are performed by experts to ensure comfort while doing the procedures. We offer almost every kind of oral health service for our patients. These services
include pediatric dentists and oral hygienists. One such of these is for crowns.

A dental crown will help in capping or surrounding a real or artificial tooth to restore it. Crowning is done to heal the tooth when a large cavity affects its health. It will not only help in presenting your teeth better, but it also helps in preventing pain and hindrance in chewing.


Our dentists who are experts in their field will perform this procedure. The first step to the method is to prepare the tooth. In this step, the outer portion of the tooth is removed including the decay, to help the crown fit. Some teeth also need a support that your dentist will provide.

The next step is to take an impression so that our lab can make the finest and best fitting crown for you. The procedure usually takes two sittings which is why we provide a temporary crown until your next session. On your next appointment, the crown will be placed on your teeth, and necessary adjustments will be made.

Our detailed guidelines will help you take care of the temporary and permanent crown. You will also be recommended a regular checkup by the dentist to ensure that your crown is doing just fine.


You can take an appointment from our professionals to get a complete checkup of your teeth to determine if you need crowning or not. However, the following are a few reasons why you may need a crown.

  • If your dentist tells you that you have a cavity, the first option is to fill it. However, if the pit is too big, you will need crowning.
  • If your tooth is missing and you need to fill the gap, crowns help in doing that. They act a dental bridge to fill the gap between two teeth.
  • If you previously have had a dental implant and need to cover it for oral health purposes, then crowning will be recommended to you.
  • A weakened or worn tooth does not need to be extracted and replaced with an artificial one all the time. The process of crowning will help repair the tooth and make it healthy again.
  • Patients who have already had a root canal need to take care of their affected tooth. The process of crowning will help in protecting the tooth that was previously restored.
  • Some people have de-shaped teeth naturally, or they have faded in color with time. This procedure will assist in improving the presentation of your teeth as well for a brighter smile.

If you think you have any of these problems, you can call us to get an appointment at a time suited to you.


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