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Dental Bonding!

Many people have differently shaped jaws that do not compliment their tooth structure. This structural difference causes badly shaped teeth, hence, an unpleasant look. If you suffer from this problem, you have no need to worry anymore with Harmony Dental Care, which brings out teeth bonding. This procedure will not only make your teeth look better, it will also make them healthier. Bonding is used for cosmetic purposes and requires multiple appointments, especially if more than one tooth is concerned.

Why opt for teeth bonding?

As highly experienced professionals in oral health, we offer you expert services in dental bonding. Dental bonding is an intricate part of tooth cosmetics and requires a careful and experienced hand. Harmony Dental Care has professionals that take this job very seriously. The following are the reasons why tooth bonding may be beneficial to you:
– You have chipped or cracked teeth that you want to get fixed
– You have discolored teeth
– You have a vast space between your teeth
– You are not satisfied with the natural shape of your teeth
– You want to protect the exposed root of a tooth
– You want to repair tooth decay

No matter what reason is behind your desire for teeth bonding, we ensure that by the end of the procedure, not only do your teeth look good, they are also healthy and damage free.

Dental Bonding procedure:

We offer two different types of dental bonding procedures. For each one, we have trained specialists, and we require no tooth preparation nor the use of anesthesia.

1. Direct Composite Bonding: In this process, we use material that is the same color as your teeth to fill in cavities, to repair chips in your teeth, to close gaps between your teeth, or to fix any worn-out teeth. The composite material is usually applied to the teeth that are directly exposed when you smile. The composite process does not take much time, and we ensure to keep it as short as possible. Our team will also continue to help you take care of your teeth in the period following treatment. Dental bonding is a highly affordable process that we offer, which comes with a wealth of benefits for your jaw image and health.

2. Adhesive Bonding: Adhesive bonding is a little lengthier of a process than direct bonding. This method is more standard for the restoration of teeth. After the tooth restoration, we apply an agent that strengthens your teeth a little. A bonding agent is then applied along with the resin of the carefully selected color and is shaped. We use ultraviolet light to harden the new tooth and make it durable. To keep a shine, we also polish your tooth and make it smooth. We recommend this method above all other treatments, because it is light on our patients pocket and durable.

Harmony Dental Care also gives each patient a consultation to help them to better understand how their oral hygiene can be maintained after the different procedures. We ensure that you are comfortable and fully understand every step before we start.

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