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A dental emergency can happen at any time, and one should have good knowledge of dental injuries that require quick attention instead of wasting time at home. For some dental issues, you can wait for the dentist, but some are very serious and need to be treated immediately. You can save teeth at the right time by visiting dental emergency available at harmony dental Oshawa clinic. The doctors at the clinic have time allocation for emergency cases.

Knock Out

If the teeth are knocked out, it’s a dental emergency and needs to be treated immediately. If it’s handled at the right time, teeth can be saved and reinserted by the dentist.

Chipped Teeth

If your teeth are chipped, you can wait for the dentist as it’s not a dental emergency. You should be very careful while chewing so that it doesn’t get worst. Your dentist at harmony
dental Oshawa can fix it by smoothing it or adding some filling.

Fractured or cracked teeth

If your teeth are fractured or broken, it’s a call for dental emergency. Fractured or cracked teeth means that the damage has done to whole teeth outside and inside both. Some fractures are so severe that teeth are hard to save. If it happens always, wash the mouth with hot water. Keep the ice at face to avoid swelling. Take a painkiller and do not apply any cream or painkiller gel at the gum as its harmful for the gum tissue.

Tissue Injuries

The tissue injuries such as lacerations, puncture wounds, lips tears, cheeks, tongue, and mouth need to be treated immediately at the dental emergency. If the tissue is damaged and bleeding is there, the dental emergency checkup is necessary.

Loose Teeth

If your teeth are free or not aligned correctly, it’s the time to call the dentist for the emergency checkup. If it happens, you need to keep the teeth back at its position by applying low pressure. It’s better to bite to stop the teeth from moving.

Other Dental Emergencies

Anything which demands quick treatment to stop tissue bleeding, saving a tooth or lessening a pain falls under dental emergency. If there is the abscess or some severe infection in the mouth, it needs serious attention.

Avoiding a Dental Emergency

One can easily prevent dental emergency by regular checkups to the doctor to ensure that teeth are sharp, healthy and are decay free.

If you are playing some sports, wear a mouth guard to save oneself from chipped, broken or knocked out teeth. Do not eat hard food or chew ice to avoid fracture. If you are leaving for
vacations, it is better to have a routine checkup with the dentist to ensure that teeth are safe to prevent a dental emergency.

First Aid Dental Kit

  • A dental emergency can happen at the time, its best to keep a first aid dental kit with you. It should contain the following items:
  • Details of your dentist
  • Container with cover
  • Napkins
  • Acetaminophen
  • Gauze

You can visit Harmony Dental Clinic Oshawa for any emergency dental treatment.


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