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Dental medicine has created dental sealants, which provides a protective covering to the molars and premolars of your jaws. Dental sealants not only protect you from food particles getting stuck in your teeth but also protect the ends of your jaw from cavities.

Dental sealants are for individual molars and premolars. They are made up of a combination of plastic and other dental materials. The layer is set on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, covering grooved and pitted areas. Even though there is no substitute for brushing and flossing, this protects the teeth from damage caused by deep brown cavities.

How Sealants Operate:

The chewing surfaces of our teeth (molars and premolars) have cleavages that make them defenseless. Hence you get cavities a few years after the development of your permanent jaw. The holes make a home in your teeth with the help of bacteria and food particles. A small chemical reaction takes place inside your mouth, causing a painful result for a person in the face of cavities. The chemical reaction eats up tooth enamel, leading to small holes in the molars and premolars, which eventually leads to much bigger holes and, at times, half of a tooth.

Your chewing surfaces can be saved from all this damage with the help of a sealant layer available at Harmony Dental of Oshawa. The sealant helps keep teeth safe from food particles and cavities. They are sometimes tinted by a shade of white, depending on the sealant used.

How to Apply Dental Sealants:

The most amazing thing about these sealants is the procedure, which is speedy and pain-free. First, the tooth is cleaned intensely with the help of a rotating brush and toothpaste. After this, the acidic gel is applied into the crevices of the teeth, and it is then washed off after drying.

The acidic solution roughens the tooth surface, and a strong bond is made with the tooth and the sealant. Once it’s all dried and set, a liquid sealant is applied on the same surface.

Blue light is used to harden the sealant. Sometimes two-component dental sealants are used to tighten the surface. The whole process is carried out with extra care. Once the sealant is dried and set, the tooth is ready to chew again.

When To Place Dental Sealants:

When we don’t take care of our teeth, they eventually start to break off from the gums. To protect our occlusal from getting cavities and decaying at an early stage, the sealants are placed at that time. Our molars and premolars grow until the age of thirteen, and the most beneficial aspect of dental sealants is that they can be placed at an earlier stage. It protects the chewing surfaces without becoming an obstacle to their growth. Parents prefer to have their child’s teeth protected once the molars and premolars start to appear on the gum surface.

Dental sealants continue to protect your teeth for a long stretch of time; however, if the dentist feels that the tooth needs a fresh layer of sealant, the new layer can be placed at Harmony Dental of Oshawa.


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