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Dental bone grafting is done when there is not enough jawbone to hold dentures or dental implants.

As soon as you lose a tooth the bone around that tooth begins to be absorbed back into the body unless immediately replaced with a dental implant or preservation graft.

Types of dental bone grafts

There are three types of dental bone grafts, which are;

  • Socket graft this a preservation graft or graft in order to put in a dental implant
  • Block bone graft uses the patient’s own bone because there is too much bone loss for using a cow bone
  • Sinus lift procedure requires an oral or maxillofacial surgeon to make a pocket above the teeth of the upper jaw that does not affect the sinuses in order to do a bone graft

Where does the grafting bone come from?

There are four types of grafting bone and they come from;

  • Human cadaver bone sterilized and freeze-dried
  • Cow bone is sterilized and processed to reduce infection
  • Your own bone this takes several surgeries and added costs
  • Synthetic while less effect it is as safe as using your own bone

All of these are fairly safe since there are regulations in place when it comes to human cadaver bone and animal bone.

Will you need a bone graft?

Whether or not you need a bone graft will depend on what caused the tooth or teeth to be lost.

Was it recent trauma, due to periodontal disease, or has the tooth or teeth been gone for months and years?

The longer the tooth is gone from the jawbone, the more the bone atrophies (shrinks).

To find out more about dental bone grafting in Oshawa speak to your dentist.

So whether you will need a bone graft or not depends on how much jawbone you have left.


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