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Dental Inlays or onlays is a procedure that involves the filling of your cavity with gold, porcelain or any other material. Inlays make your teeth stronger while increasing the chewing force. Dental Onlays are the same procedure except they deal with teeth cusps. Harmony Dental Care provides you with both services with the top-notch dentists for your treatment.

Dental Inlays

The methods of dental inlays are used to repair or fill the damaged surface of the tooth that is used for chewing. Your tooth is restored with dental fillings of gold, porcelain, or some other kind of metal.

Harmony Dental Care also offers a different set of material that helps in matching the color of your teeth. The treatment is a complicated process, and only our highly experienced dentists conduct it. Our inlays are more durable than any other treatment, and they increase the force that you chew with by 75%. We recommend inlays since they are a better and more affordable option than crowning.

The Procedure of Dental Inlays

An impression of the affected tooth is first taken to mark the spots and the shape of the filling. In the lab, you will find our professional technicians working to form your filling of the material that you have chosen. If you opt to match the color of your teeth, then be carefree since the technology used will ensure that there is least to no difference in the tone. Your permanent inlays will be ready soon, and our dentists will fit it like a puzzle piece in your affected teeth.

The inlay will recover soon and you will able to put more force on your teeth than you were able to earlier. Moreover, our robust fitting will assure no problems in the future. Regular visits to Harmony Dental Care will allow you to care for your inlay better.

Dental On lays

A dental onlay is almost the same procedure as the inlay. However, Onlays deal with the cusps. We consider it to be a better option than crowning since crowning will require most of the healthy and decayed part of the tooth; whereas, onlay requires the removal of only the decayed part of the tooth.  Therefore, with this process, we keep the most of your natural tooth preserved and treat it accordingly.

The Procedure of Dental On lays

Harmony Dental Care has highly professional and experienced dentists and high-quality tools in the labs. After you are counseled on the material that you want to use, our dentist prepares your tooth for the onlay. Impressions of your tooth are taken to carry forward the treatment. The lab will make your onlay with perfection, and on your next visit, the placement will be held.

In the final step, our dentists will confirm the comfort and effectiveness of your new onlay. We will give you a guide to help you protect the treatment and recommend regular visits to your dentist.

In order to schedule an appointment with Harmony Dental Care inlays and outlay, please contact us today through a phone call or visit our clinic during office hours.

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