IV Conscious Sedation

What Is IV Conscious Sedation?

IV Conscious Sedation is a process by which you are sedated yet still conscious during your dental procedure. You will remain able to understand and respond to requests for your dentist throughout treatment, but will remember very little (perhaps nothing) of the procedure itself. This is because:

  1. IV Conscious Sedation makes patients very relaxed, and the calming effect gives them a feeling of not being bothered by what is going on around them
  2. IV sedation drugs typically produce amnesia for the duration of the drugs effect on the body, from the time it is administered until the effects subside

Dr. Peter Yao in the dental professional that performs IV Conscious Sedation for patients who are nervous or anxious about dental treatment.

*Please note, however, that IV sedation is only available with Dr. Yao at Brooklin Village Dental Care, located in Brooklin, Whitby, Ontario. Please ask our team how to book an appointment.


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