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Harmony Dental Care is a place known locally for oral health care. The oral health specialists here work to provide broad-spectrum dental care and services for all. We enjoy providing a relaxed, comfortable environment with high-quality dental care for our patients.

For the convenience of our patients, a variety of specialized dental procedures and services are offered at our dental office in Oshawa. From general and family treatments to cosmetic, periodontics, and orthodontics, the needs of our patients are fulfilled here. To assist our patients, Harmony Dental Care would like to convey the following information regarding mouth guards:

Mouth Guards

 Dental mouth guards have long been used and are designed to provide protection to the teeth, gums, and supporting tissues from trauma, injury, and damage. Mouth guards are most often worn by athletes to prevent injury in sports and are also helpful for people wearing braces or bridges, since they provide protection to them, as well.  Mouth guards provide protection for the soft tissues of the cheek lining, lips, and tongue by covering the upper teeth. There are two kinds of mouth guards available, one of which is over the counter (OTC) for occasional use, and the other being customized and fitted by a dentist according to what is required.

Adult Mouth Guards

 Your smile plays a crucial role as one of your most important assets; it contributes to the functioning of the overall oral system. Dental mouth guards for adults are useful in providing protection from injury and damage while playing sports. Mouth guards are made of laminate or soft plastic. They work by covering the upper and lower jaws, which provides protection from sharp blows or damage caused by grinding. There are several ready-to-use mouth guards available on the market, despite the fact that it is advised by doctors to use customized dental guards, as they are molded perfectly to one’s needs and size. The issue that usually arises with store-bought mouth guards is they may not fit properly, causing discomfort. They also get worn down more quickly in comparison to customized mouth guards.

Children Mouth Guards

For any child participating in sports or needing protection for their braces or bridges, mouth guards can prove to be crucial pieces of equipment. There are three basic types of dental mouth guards for children:

    • Boil and bite mouth guards: As indicated by their name, these mouth guards are softened by boiling, and then inserted to transform according to the shape of the mouth. They are on the more expensive side, but provide easy breathing and speech production. They are more comfortable and provide more protection than other types of mouth guards.
    • Stock mouth guards: These types of mouth guards provide minimal protection and are least favored by dentists. They also interfere with proper breathing and speech, and they tend to be more uncomfortable than other mouth guards.
    • Customized mouth guards: These provide great protection and are made by dentists. They are more expensive than other versions but are the most comfortable and fully dentist-approved.

Night Guards

These protect the teeth at nighttime from damage caused by grinding. They are mostly used during a child’s growth phase. For adults, night guards are used to provide protection against bruxism, which is also known as teeth clenching.

Just like any other dental service requires care, so do mouth guards. They should be properly cleaned before each use and stored in a sturdy container to ensure long, hygienic use. Contact our office for more information or to make an appointment.


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