Orthodontic Services & Care Specialists

Misaligned teeth can be far more than merely a cosmetic issue, but can also be at the room of jaw pain and other more serious issues. At our Oshawa based Harmony Dental care, we specialize in providing orthodontic care for teenagers and adults. Previously considered a procedure only performed on youths, a new trend has developed in recent years. Whether they’re developed pain in the jaw or have decided that they wish to improve the look of their smile, an increasing number of adults are embracing late in life orthodontic care. In fact, 25% of orthodontic patients today are actually adults.

Conditions Helped by Orthodontic Care

There are many oral problems that can be corrected with orthodontic care. These problems include:

  • Chronic decay – misaligned or crowded teeth can be susceptible to decay due to brushing difficulties
  • Overbite and underbite pain
  • Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)
  • Unattractive smiles due to problem crowding and spacing

Get More Information about Orthodontic Therapies

If you’re suffering from jaw pain or embarrassed by crowded or protruding teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact Harmony Dental Care to ask about our orthodontic procedures, today.


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