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Are You Ready to Straighten Your Teeth?

Are you having issues with crooked teeth? Do you have trouble chewing, talking, and hate to smile? It might be time to do something about your crooked teeth

What are your choices?

Your choices are either traditional metal braces or the latest in braces, Invisalign.

Invisalign is a clear plastic tray that is custom made for your teeth so no one but you will know that you are using it to straighten your teeth.

How do you know which option is best?

In order to know which option will best fit your situation, you will need to speak to your dentist.

It will depend on how crooked or overcrowded your teeth are which option is best suited to your needs.


The costs will depend on which system you use.

Invisalign may seem like it costs more up front but you also have to take into consideration how many dental visits you will have to make and if they are included in the cost or not.

With traditional braces, you have to keep going back for the orthodontist to tighten the braces in order for them to correct your teeth. In contrast, Invisalign does not require tightening by an orthodontist.

Comfort and safety

Invisalign is by far more comfortable and safe as there are no metal parts or wires to cut the inside of your lips or mouth on.

Cleaning and oral hygiene

With the Invisalign, you simply take the tray out to eat and do your daily hygiene of brushing and flossing.

With metal braces, it can be tricky to do a good clean with regular oral hygiene as the metal braces are mechanically installed by a professional orthodontist.

If you wish to find out which option best suits straighten your crooked teeth in Oshawa, speak to your dentist.


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