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All You Need to Know about Gum Reduction and Contouring

If you want to show off a perfect smile, you often think of teeth whitening, veneers, or braces. However, do you ever consider gum reduction and contouring when looking at your teeth and considering the perfect smile? We are confident it is the last thing on your mind but is often the best answer if your teeth appear uneven to impact your smile.

Gum reduction or contouring might appear as a painful and daunting subject. However, experienced dentists perform the procedure efficiently, completing it in one visit. If you want more information about this procedure and how it helps you, we suggest you continue reading this article for more details.

What Precisely Is Gum Reduction and Contouring?

If you think that your teeth are unevenly sized because of your gum line, you benefit from gum contouring or reduction to correct the problem. The gum contouring process involves dentists removing additional gum tissue from the tooth to create an even gum line. Gum reduction and gum contouring are terms used interchangeably when describing the reshaping of the gums through grafting to add gum tissue or correct the problem of receding gums if you have lost gum tissue.

Gum reduction and contouring in Oshawa, ON, helps make your teeth appear aesthetically pleasing when additional gum tissue or receding gums make your teeth appear uneven. The problem makes one tooth appear tinier or larger than others. The procedure from the Oshawa provider helps fix the problem to give you a beautiful smile.

What Does the Process Involve?

Before you understand the gum reduction and contouring procedure, let us inform you the process is safe and straightforward when performed by an experienced dentist. Experienced professionals ensure they achieve the course precisely when fixing a gummy smile.

When starting the gum reshaping procedure, the dentist numbs your gums, giving you local anesthesia before using precision instruments to remove soft tissue. If necessary, the dentist reshapes your gums to ensure a uniform gum line.

While the process is not painful, you might feel pressure when the dentist works in your mouth. The discomfort you feel depends on how much gum tissue needs removal. The dentist completes the procedure in one session, with minimal downtime later. In addition, the process is customizable depending on your specific needs because everyone has different gum lines and the tissue that needs placement or removal differs.

After your gum reduction and contouring process, the Oshawa dentist recommends you can’t eat sharp foods that might irritate your gums and suggest taking painkillers if you experience discomfort after the procedure. You can also ease discomfort by using ice packs on the cheeks to alleviate the pain.

Is Gum Reduction and Contouring a Cosmetic Procedure?

In most cases, gum reduction and contouring is an elective process to make a smile appear aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Most patients considering this treatment do it for cosmetic purposes. However, the procedure also helps for medical reasons.

Gum contouring and reduction have become essential medical procedures for patients with periodontal disease. The process becomes essential if nonsurgical treatments like scaling and root planing with antibiotics are insufficient to eliminate the disease.

Where to Undergo the Procedure If Needed?

If you think your gum line is an issue impacting your smile, it helps if you understand there are options for you to correct the situation concerning you. Gum reduction and contouring is a minimally invasive procedure with no downtime completed by dentists in a single session. An appointment with the Oshawa provider also ensures you no longer have a gummy smile because they ensure they make you smile better than it currently is. Therefore if you want your teeth to attract everyone in a crowd, you can consider this procedure and even inquire with the dentist whether you can whiten your teeth later to have a beautiful smile.

When you consider gum reduction and contouring, ensure that you don’t visit any provider near you but consider an experienced dentist with the knowledge and infrastructure to help you improve your smile in a single appointment by performing a personalized procedure to make your teeth appear their best.

If you think you might benefit from gum reduction or contouring, Harmony Dental Care provides the treatment in Oshawa to give your teeth an even appearance. Consult the specialists today to correct your uneven gum line to display a beautiful smile within a few days.

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