Can Adults Get Braces?
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Can Adults Get Braces?

Most adults are conscious about their smiles. In fact, most people don’t like the appearance of their smiles. In an ideal world, everyone’s teeth would be perfectly aligned. But as you know, this is not the case since people still contend with crowded, crooked, and spaced teeth.

When you have poorly aligned teeth, you will deal with more than just cosmetic issues. Overlapping or crowded teeth can be a hassle to clean, making it easier for you to develop cavities and gum disease. A bad bite can affect chewing and, in turn, your digestion. You can also find it challenging to pronounce certain sounds.

However, dental braces in Oshawa, ON, can help with teeth alignment. When your teeth are aligned as they should, you will improve your oral health and dental aesthetics.

When Is the Correct Time to Get Braces?

If you are an adult, you may be wondering whether there is an age limit to getting dental braces in Oshawa, ON. Childhood is always the ideal time for you to alter your teeth’s positions. Children and teenagers are still developing, making it easier to correct any issues before they become problems. But this doesn’t mean that as an adult, you should not opt to get orthodontic treatment. In fact, millions of adults have had their smiles altered because of dental braces.

Adult Braces Experience

If you are contemplating getting dental braces to solve bite or cosmetic concerns, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Your Bone Development

In most cases, bones cease to develop between 18 and 22 years. So, certain structural changes may not be done without you undergoing surgery, especially in severe cases.

  • The Process Is Longer

Your treatment may take longer than a teenager or a child because their bones are still developing, making it easier for teeth to move into their new positions. However, you also need to know the time it takes to shift teeth may vary from patient to patient. Averagely, most treatments last about two years. Plus, there is also the period where you will need retainers for teeth after the treatment to ensure that your teeth remain straight.

The process will depend on the severity of the malocclusions, the complexity of the movements and whether you need extensive bite correction. Therefore, if your issue is mild, expect it to take very few months and vice versa.

  • You Might Stand Out From the Crowd

Teenagers and children will also have some of their peers most probably undergoing the same treatment. Therefore, this can help reduce some of the insecurities that might come with wearing dental braces.

However, adults are still trickling in and gaining more confidence in seeking orthodontic treatment. So, it might be difficult to find someone you know who is undergoing orthodontic treatment. This is why most adults prefer less conspicuous options such as clear aligners, lingual braces, and ceramic braces.

  • You May Have to See a Periodontist If You Have Lost a Tooth and Need Braces

Having a missing tooth will not deter you from getting your teeth aligned. However, the number and location of the missing teeth will play critical roles in how your treatment will go. If you have lost a tooth, a periodontist may need to check and see if bone loss has occurred because of the missing tooth. Bone loss can complicate the treatment.

However, a missing tooth can be beneficial in certain circumstances. For instance, if you lose a tooth and your teeth are overcrowded, the other teeth will have enough room to move into their new positions.

Also, don’t shy from getting your teeth straightened if you have a false tooth or tooth implant. Orthodontic treatment may still work. However, you will need to have a face-to-face chat with our dentist, who will evaluate your smile.

  • You Have Many Options

One of the perks of getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is that you have many options. You have the option of choosing inconspicuous treatments such as Invisalign, lingual braces, and even ceramic braces. Your options are dependent on the severity of your case and budget. So, just remember that you can choose whichever type of orthodontic treatment you are comfortable with.

In any case, adults can get dental braces, and they can benefit so much from having their teeth aligned. Contact us at Harmony Dental Care if you need dental braces in Oshawa, ON.

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