Who Should Choose Jaw Implants?
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Who Should Choose Jaw Implants?

Jaw implants a cosmetic surgery that create the appearance of a strong jawline. Whether you are unhappy about the shape of your face or previous surgery changed your facial structure, you may benefit from jaw implants in Oshawa.

When to Choose Jaw Implant Surgery

Aesthetic reasons

By creating a wider lower face, jaw implants can help if your lower jaw is too narrow. They can also add definition to the jawline.

Skeletal problems

In most cases of overbite, your dentist can correct the alignment of your jaw with braces. When this is not possible, overbite surgery is your best option. Following this surgery,a  jaw implant can reduce the need for further orthodontic treatment. These are sometimes combined with chin implants.


You may also need jaw implants after surgery that involves removing some of your jawbone or reconstructing your face. Jaw implants can give proper alignment and structure to your lower jaw.

The Procedure

You will have the choice between local and general anesthesia for the surgery. A local anesthetic also can be paired with a sedative to keep your relaxed but awake.

The surgery will take around one to two hours to complete. To start, the surgeon will create an incision in your lower jaw. He or she will then insert the implant inside your lower lip and secure the area with sutures. These sutures dissolve after about one week.

Recovering from Jaw Implants

Most people recover quickly from jaw implants and are able to return to work after a week. You will need someone to stay with you throughout the first night following your surgery. You will also need to stop smoking for some time after the surgery and will need to keep the diet recommended by your surgeon.

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