How Can You Receive Painless Dentistry in Oshawa?
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How Can You Receive Painless Dentistry in Oshawa?

Fear or dislike of the visiting the dentist often stems from the thought or fear of pain. Luckily, you can find painless dentistry in Oshawa, even when drilling and needles are involved.

Painless Injections

Injections of local anesthetic numb your mouth and stop you from feeling pain during a number of procedures, including when drilling is involved. The problem is that the injection itself can hurt. With the right tools, experienced dentists are able to deliver painless injections.

Painless injections require the use of very small, extremely sharp needles. The dentist needs to insert the needle slowly. This allows the anesthetic to numb the area as the needle enters to reduce the pain.

New Technology

Many other procedures that caused pain the past are now painless, thanks to new methods and technology. For instance, for wisdom teeth extractions, biopsies, and complex root canal surgery, patients now receive nerve blocks to stop the surrounding area from feeling anything. Laser technology for soft tissue management can also prevent discomfort.

Psychological Pain

Sometimes, pain is due to psychological factors, like fear or anxiety. This can be due to sounds or other sensations that create the anticipation of pain. A dentist can reduce psychological pain by explaining procedures in detail, by using a gentle approach, and by developing relationships built on trust with patients. You can also work on reducing psychological pain by practicing relaxation techniques in the dentist chair.


Dental sedation helps patients relax and forget about their reasons to feel afraid. When combined with a local anesthetic, sedation is particularly effective in eliminating pain. For simple procedures and minimal anxiety, a mild sedative is sufficient. Such sedatives are available in gas form as nitrous oxide. For more extreme anxiety, patients can opt for moderate sedation, administered through a pill or IV.


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