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Dental Bonding: Alters the Look and Feel of Your Teeth

Sometimes, minor flaws like little gaps between the teeth, chips on teeth, and discolored teeth may hide the charm of your smile. Although these flaws are not that big, they cause stains on your overall pleasing personality.

The dental bonding in Oshawa, ON procedure corrects these flaws and helps you retain a beautiful charm in your smile. Harmony Dental Care is the right place to have bonding treatment to get a smile reconstruction.

Why Do You Get Teeth Bonding?

If we talk about tooth flaws, they may involve discoloration (a situation where a tooth loses its natural color). It looks different from the remaining set of teeth. Discoloration of the tooth is a minor flaw. The dentist can correct it with the help of resin composite tooth-like material.

Chipping can be due to anything like chewing some hard food substances, minor accidents, pregnancy, tooth decay, etc. Although it would be slight damage, it still can create a significant impact on your smile. Dental bonding is a perfect solution to have it correct.

Gaps between the teeth are a common dental flaw. You can’t take it as a problem. It is not a big issue, but still, it can harm your charm. If the gap is minor, bonding can correct it in no time.

What Bonding Process Involves?

The bonding process requires the placement of composite resin placement for correction purposes. This material completely resembles a natural tooth and makes it quite tough to identify the difference between natural and artificial ones. The procedure does not involve any surgery or anything. In some cases, it might not even need anesthesia. The time the dental bonding takes is hardly 30 to 60 minutes.

To diagnose whether your problem will get resolved with bonding or any other dental treatment, consult your dentist. It will allow you to make a wise decision on the treatment. If there is a severe problem, your dentist may resolve it with other treatments like veneers, implants, and more.

Benefits of Having Bonding Treatment You Should Know

Bonding is best known for its aesthetic results. It is a cosmetic dental treatment that provides numerous benefits, including making your smile look attractive. Other advantages include:

Lowest Cost 

The bonding treatment involves spending less money than other dental treatments like veneers, implants, and more. Thus, it fits perfectly with the budget of everyone.

Less Time Consuming

When it comes to the time duration it requires, it is less than other dental procedures. The professional can finish the bonding within 30 to 60 minutes.

No Requirement for Anesthesia 

All surgical dental treatments require anesthesia for surgery and complicated procedures because they may involve pain without anesthesia. But in the case of bonding, the patient doesn’t require anesthesia. The process can be done efficiently without the use of such sedatives.

Retains Your Smile 

When it comes to a beautiful smile, it requires a perfect set of teeth with white shine. It’s impossible to get it naturally. But bonding makes it possible with minor corrections and the placement of artificial material. The treatment looks quite natural. Furthermore, it becomes hard to identify the artificial placement while you smile.

Bonding is Natural 

The correction made by the bonding treatment looks so natural that your smile looks purely natural. It is considered the beauty of the treatment.

How to Take Care of Bonding?

You should never forget that dental bondings are artificial placements and require good attention to keep them long inside. Here are the ways to help you keep your bondings in good shape.

Be Choosy on Eating 

Although you can eat everything you want, be mindful about chewing hard substances. Grinding hard food may cause bondings to fall off.

Maintain Proper Oral Care 

People usually think that artificial composite bonding can’t decay. But in reality, they are equally prone to have cavities like natural teeth. So proper cleaning of your complete mouth is pivotal. Ask your dentist in Oshawa about the proper dental care instructions. Also, keep this in mind while cleaning your mouth after having bonding treatment.

Make Use of MouthGuard

Bonding may fall off accidentally. So if you are participating in any sports activity, you should always wear a MouthGuard to keep your teeth safe.

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