How Much Is The Dental Bone Graft Cost In Oshawa?
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How Much Is The Dental Bone Graft Cost In Oshawa?

The dental bone graft cost varies with each case. The condition of the patient’s jawbone can also be a factor with the price. The baseline of a simple bone grafting procedure can cause between $400 CAD to $1070 CAD. This is for a single implant area. The material used for this type of bone graft is synthetic bone.

Sometimes your Harmony dentist uses a bone material that comes from another part of your body. This requires hospitalization and is more costly. A procedure like this would need the service of an orthopedic surgeon and an anesthesiologist. The cost of this kind of procedure ranges from $3340 CAD to $4675 CAD.

Contact your insurance if they cover bone grafting procedures. This would help lessen the price.

You have to understand that there might be additional costs in the form of mouth X-rays and CT scans.

Dental bone graft cost: what happens in the procedure that you are paying for?


The dental bone graft cost includes 3-D X-rays and sometimes a CT-scan. This checks the condition of your jawbone before the procedure.

When your jawbone does not have enough bone mass to support a dental implant your dentist will recommend bone graft. Why do you need enough bone material for an implant?

When you have missing teeth that are not replaced at once, the gums tend to collapse. This happens because they are not stimulated anymore by the roots of the missing teeth. When this happens, they will not be strong enough to support an implant.

Your Harmony dentist will do bone grafting to strengthen the bones again. They need to be strong to provide a steady support for the implant. The implant is a surgically inserted metal frame in your jawbone, acting as the root of your teeth replacement.  If your jawbone cannot support or hold it in place, then your implant will fail.

Bone graft helps the bone to grow again so that it can support a teeth replacement procedure.

Types of bone material used


There are four primary sources of bone for a successful bone graft. The dental bone graft cost will depend on what bone material your dentist will use.

1. Autograft bone

This comes from your bone extracted from different body parts. Bone material like this easily combines with your jawbone because it also comes from your body. Your dentist can take bone material from your hip, jaw, chin, and knee.

This takes two procedures. First is the bone extraction, next is the bone graft procedure itself.

2. Allografts bone
This comes from a human cadaver bone. The bone is freeze-dried and sterilized to preserve it. This is an affordable option considered by many.

3. Xenografts bone
Bone coming from animals like cows. The main advantage of this type of bone is that it integrates well with human bones with almost no complications. Preservation of cow bone is the same as with a human cadaver.

4. Alloplastic grafts
This is also known as synthetic bone grafting material. This bone substitute fuse well with human bone.

Consult with your Harmony dentist for the suitable option that can meet your physical and financial needs.

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