Myths About Dental Implants you Shouldn’t Believe
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Myths About Dental Implants you Shouldn’t Believe

There are many myths about dental implants Oshawa.

The truth about the myths of dental implants

We are going to explore the truth of several myths on dental implants.

  • True or false, dental implants do not look natural. This myth that dental implants do not look natural is FALSE. The material the implant is made from can be colored to match your natural teeth’s color so no one but you will know you have an implant.
  • True or false, older people are not good candidates for dental implants. The answer is FALSE. While a person can be too young as their facial bones are still developing, older people provided they have not had bone loss can be good candidates for implants.
  • True or false, Implants require a lot of maintenance. False, once the implant has been permanently placed you only have to your daily oral hygiene and regular checkups to maintain the implant.
  • True or false, implants are expensive. This is false though it sounds expensive, to begin with, you need to ask your insurance if they cover implants and how much they cover. Also, the durability of implants is much better than dentures or bridges.
  • True or false, my regular dentist can do my implants. True, your licensed Oshawa dentist can install your implants; but, he or she may refer you to an oral surgeon as well to place the post.
  • True or false, implants have risks. True but all surgeries have risks. The risks are minor compared to the benefits and the dentist will closely monitor your will the procedure is being done.
  • True or false, dental implants can cause migraines and headaches. FALSE there are no clinical studies that show dental implants cause a migraine or other headaches.
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