Dental Sealant: Tooth Decay Treatment
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Dental Sealant: Tooth Decay Treatment

Prevention is the best form of tooth decay treatment. Some patients have a bad teeth structure, especially around the occlusal area that regular brushing can’t help. Without protection, the teeth would be vulnerable to dental caries.

Dentists at the dental office in Oshawa recommend dental sealants to prevent acidic foods and bacteria from damaging the patient’s molars. Since dental sealants have plastic material content, it can effectively protect the teeth for a long time.

When to have dental sealants?

Once permanent molars have completely erupted, the patient can have dental sealants as tooth decay treatment. Patients as early as 11 to 13 years old can prevent developing dental diseases that can affect their general health.

The sealants are usually applied to the pits and fissures of the molars that are deep and narrow linings. The dental office in Oshawa uses an intraoral camera when applying dental sealants to their patients. This way, patients can view the dental process in the screen.

How long do dental sealants last?

Since the 70s, dentists have already found dental sealants efficient in protecting the chewing surfaces of a patient’s teeth. It is proven to last for up to 10 years, even more than that with proper care. Its smooth surface can make teeth brushing easy but hard for bacteria to build-up.

This technique of tooth decay treatment is worth every penny. The dentist can replace the sealants after some time when they’re wearing thin.

Dental sealants can prevent tooth decay and other dental problems. However, keep in mind that sealants can only protect the tooth where it is applied. Always keep it a habit to brush your teeth every day with a fluoride toothpaste. Moreover, visit a dental office in Oshawa regularly such as in Harmony Dental Care.

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