How Can You Overcome Your Problem with Teeth Grinding?
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How Can You Overcome Your Problem with Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a problem that affects many people. This is a sleep-related movement disorder with the potential to cause a variety of problems. It can leave you with tooth pain, jaw pain, sore gums and also damage your teeth. If the problem is affecting you you would want to understand how you can overcome this issue without going through intensive medical care.

The problem you are affected with is rather common and has been dealt with by many people with the use of mouthguards. However, if the problem is concerning you it is suggested that you visit your dentist for an evaluation to understand the damages created by teeth grinding and accepting the suggestion of the dentist to have a mouth guard for teeth grinding. This will be the better option than searching around in the market for commonly available mouthguards that will often fail to deliver the results they promise.

Why Visit a Dentist before Getting a Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding?

The problem of teeth grinding is often related to anxiety and stress and does not always cause any symptoms. Most people are unaware they are grinding their teeth when sleeping and only realize it when informed by their roommates or partners. It can, however, wear down the teeth over time and is the main reason why a visit to the dentist becomes essential.

Your dentist will examine the condition of your mouth and teeth while also looking for any underlying causes like anxiety and stress before recommending that you begin wearing a custom made mouth guard for teeth grinding. This will be an expensive option to make you believe you should perhaps have opted for the stock variety. However, you need to understand the following before you make a decision for any type of mouthguard.

Stock mouthguards are widely available and inexpensive and can be found in most stores selling sporting goods and even drugstores. They are available in three different sizes but only cover the upper teeth. Unfortunately despite being inexpensive and easy to find they have certain downsides because of their limited size options. They can be uncomfortable and not provide the right fit making it hard for you to talk and breathe while wearing one.

Boil and bite mouthguards are also sold in most drugstores and are also relatively expensive. These are available in a single size that can be customized to fit your teeth. You will be required to boil the mouthguard until it softens and then place it over your front teeth and bite down. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer is essential if you want to get the best fit.

As you are looking for a mouth guard for teeth grinding your cause will be better served by custom-made mouthguards from a dentist. The dental professional will make a mold of your teeth to create a mouthguard specifically for the structure of your teeth and mouth. These provide you a better fit than the stock variety or even the boil and bite variety. They are more comfortable to wear and difficult to dislodge accidentally when you’re sleeping.

Types of Mouthguards You Can Choose from

Your usage for a particular activity will determine the type of mouthguard you can choose to have either from your dentist or from the markets.

If you have a problem with snoring and sleep apnea you will need a mouth guard for sleeping customized by your dentist who will provide it after evaluating your condition thoroughly.

The mouth guard for sleeping a similar to a nightguard for teeth that will keep your teeth apart making it easier for you to breathe and stop snoring or grinding your teeth when sleeping.

Do you have a problem with TMJ disorder? This is a problem that can affect you because of many reasons and medical practitioners haven’t been able to identify a single reason for the same. They advise different types of treatments including medications, physical therapy and in many cases a TMJ mouthguard. TMJ disorders generally alleviate by themselves just as they appeared but a TMJ mouth guard can certainly make it easier for you to manage the discomfort you could be feeling from this condition.

Mouthguards are appliances that can be used to protect your teeth from injuries when playing sports, from teeth grinding and clenching when sleeping or even relieve you from the problem of obstructive sleep apnea. They can be purchased without prescriptions from the market but it will be better if you have a custom-made mouthguard from Harmony dental care as it can provide you a better fit while being more comfortable at the same time. You should be contacting this clinic for the mouthguards you need for whatever reason.

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