How To Fix A Badly Broken Tooth?
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How To Fix A Badly Broken Tooth?

A badly broken tooth can be frustrating as your tongue easily feels the sharp edges of the damaged tooth. It’s also embarrassing especially when your front teeth are the ones affected. There are plenty of reasons why your tooth may be broken and most of the time you don’t foresee it. The Oshawa dentist repairs fractured, broken, and chipped teeth.

What causes a badly broken tooth?

  • You bit something hard like accidentally chewing on a stone or a glass shard.
  • When going up the stairs, you may have tripped or miscalculated a step.
  • You left your tooth cavity untreated.
  • You let the uncovered tooth with the amalgam filling exposed to decay.

Treatments for a badly broken tooth?

  • Bonding. This is a process of Adhesive Dentistry to fix a badly broken tooth by filling the crack with a resin material. This restores the tooth’s natural look and function.
  • Crowning. It’s a dental restoration process that an Oshawa dentist performs to substitute a damaged part of your tooth. The crown is the prosthetic device that looks like the top of the tooth with a hollow beneath it. The purpose of the hole is for it to fit on your prepared tooth.
  • Root canal. Dentists use this endodontic treatment for a badly broken tooth that has already affected the dental pulp. This is necessary to clean the decayed tooth roots before the obturation.
  • Extraction. The Oshawa dentist considers this as the last option when all other restorations are not possible. He recommends tooth removal when the patient’s tooth is severely injured and it poses an infection threat to the remaining teeth.

You can rush to Harmony Dental Clinic to receive a proper dental treatment for you broken tooth.

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