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How To Get A Cheaper Night Guard Cost In Oshawa?

Ever wake up to painful teeth and sore jaw muscles? You might be clenching your teeth while you sleep. Teeth grinding is common to everyone, however, it’s a health condition that causes teeth problems. A dental night guard is a good dental appliance that reduces teeth clenching pressure.

The night guard cost in Oshawa varies depending on some clinics. Nevertheless, it’s an essential preventive measure to keep a good oral health.

How does a night guard work?

To use a night guard, you put it in boiling water to soften it. While it’s pliable, you take it out of the water and then let it sit for a few seconds. If the temperature is already bearable, put it inside your mouth and bite down on it. You may use your fingers for more pressure. This will make an impression so it fits your teeth perfectly.

Dr. Peter Yao explains those night guards are made of acrylic which is a hard plastic material. It’s durable enough to reduce the pressure from extreme teeth grinding.

Aside from buying it over-the-counter, you can have customized night guards directly from your dentist. He’ll be the one to take your teeth impression and send it to the dental laboratory for molding. Once the custom-made mouthguard is done, the dental lab sends it to the dentist and then hands it to you.

How much is a custom-made night guard?

The custom-made night guard cost in Oshawa is expensive, however, it brings the best comfort and protection than the premade types. It’s price ranges between CAD 300 to CAD 700.

Cheaper options

Insurance providers might not cover fees for mouthguards. You may consider ordering a night guard from an online shop. They’re usually direct manufacturers and their price does not include the dentist’s markup cost.

Find the certification of these online shops first to prevent scams, according to Dr. Peter Yao.

Other teeth grinding treatments

Your dentist may recommend other dental treatments if you feel uncomfortable using night guards.

  • Stress management. One of the common causes of bruxism or teeth grinding is stress. Your body’s way of coping its everyday activities reflects in your sleeping conditions. If you’re able to manage your stress, you avoid a pricey night guard cost in Oshawa or other dental treatments.
  • Avoiding stimulants. Let your dentist help you discover the trigger of your nightly teeth grinds. Caffeine and antidepressants are few of those known stimuli for teeth clenching. Your dentist may suggest that you stop the intake of these drinks or medication.

Let Dr. Peter Yao assess the severity of your teeth grinding issues and recommend you with the most suitable dental treatment.

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