Oral Health: Are Dental Caps Safe?
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Oral Health: Are Dental Caps Safe?

Dental caps or crowns are made from materials such as alloys or ceramics. However, with these kinds of components, are dental caps safe? To get the best answer, patients may confirm it with their dentists before having a dental crown.

Types of dental caps

At Oshawa dental clinic, patients can choose among the kinds of dental caps listed below. It also mentions how safe the materials are for the patients.

  • Stainless steel

This type of dental crown protects the entire tooth from damage as it is tough and hard to remove. It’s also easy to maintain because it’s glossy. But, are dental caps safe when they’re made of steel?

The answer is yes. It’s preferable especially for kids who need to save a space in their gums before the permanent tooth erupts. When the milk tooth falls off, the steel crown will easily fall loose with it.

  • Metals

These are considered the most sustaining type of dental crowns. These can withstand wear and tear for a long time without breaking and they’re safe to use. The Oshawa dental clinic offers this to their patients who have damaged their molars. These teeth are hard to clean and the biting force is also greater.

  • Porcelain

This is best for cosmetic use as it can replicate a natural look of the patient’s tooth. Although the material is mixed with metal, it is mostly porcelain composed which is still vulnerable to fractures. If patients ask what are dental caps safe from — there’s none. The dentist needs to examine if a dental crown is disturbed to see if there’s need for repair or change.

  • Resin

This is a common type of dental cap for patients who prefer an inexpensive yet safe recourse for their damaged tooth. However, the Oshawa dental clinic explains that its delicate material is prone to erosion and breakage.

Discover which type of dental cap best suits you at Harmony Dental Care!

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