What is the Procedure of Orthodontic Treatment?
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What is the Procedure of Orthodontic Treatment?

Your Oshawa dentist can recommend the right orthodontics treatment Oshawa for children and adults with crooked teeth, misaligned bites, or other orthodontic issues. Orthodontic treatment is often recommended for those who may require interventions and other devices to ensure the teeth and the bite are correctly aligned.

Orthodontists Are Different From Dentists!

There are several reasons for orthodontia, but the procedure is relatively simple. The first thing a dentist will do is refer a patient case out to an orthodontist. Orthodontists are different than dentists. Orthodontists specialize in moving teeth around to the right places. Once this happens, the orthodontist will assess your bite along with the position of your teeth relative to where the teeth should be.

Once the initial assessment is completed, the orthodontist will recommend different treatment modalities. These modalities could involve braces, bite plates, and several other appliances that work to correct tooth spacing issues.

There are several different appliances, in addition to the old-fashioned metal brackets, or braces. Today there are virtually invisible trays that move teeth gradually, and doesn’t give an individual the unsightly appearance of wearing braces.

The good news is the orthodontist will provide a prognosis for this treatment. These particular treatments typically involve monthly appointments to monitor progress and to also make any adjustments as needed.

There are also different devices that help fix a person’s bite. The good news is all of these orthodontic devices are far more advanced today than they were even twenty years ago. Therefore, patients today are more comfortable while spending less time with orthodontic services.

If you want to know if you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment in Oshawa, then speak with your dentist for a referral.

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