What Are The Services Under Oshawa Dentistry For Kids?
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What Are The Services Under Oshawa Dentistry For Kids?

Oshawa dentistry for kids teaches children the importance of everyday good oral hygiene. It is important to start them young because this will help them as they grow up. The foundation that you build for them is the strong solid ground that they will thrive in the future.

Regular dental checkups at Oshawa dental clinic is important. This helps them understand the value of dental care. Pediatric dentists specializing with the dental care of kids are specially trained to manage the needs of younger patients. They provide assistance to your kids from the eruption of their very first permanent teeth.

There are many dentistry services that you can avail of to help maintain your children’s oral health as they grow.

Services under Oshawa dentistry for kids


Infant oral health exams

Take advantage of oral health exams for infants under Oshawa dentistry for kids. This can happen as soon as the first baby teeth appear. An infant oral health exam includes the assessment of risks like cavities, genetic disorder, and other conditions. The dentist will then recommend preventive methods that you can do at home. Part of this can be diet recommendations.

It is good to establish a relationship with a dentist during the early stages of childhood. Children are more at ease with people that they are familiar with. By doing this, you reduce the risk of dentophobia or dental fear.

Dental fear can hinder routine dental cleanings and other dental procedures in the future.

Preventive treatment

Prevent problems before they happen. Deep crevices in the molars of your children’s teeth make them high at risk for tooth decay. The way to prevent this in the future is through dental sealants. Sealants act as a preventive barrier against food particles that may get stuck inside the teeth.

Another preventive treatment at Oshawa dental clinic that your dentist can do is fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps strengthen your teeth’s enamel.

If you have energetic kids who love sports or playing outside, then injuries are unavoidable. Protect their mouth from serious damage through the use of mouthguards. This will help protect their teeth and gums when they play basketball, boxing, wrestling, football, and other sports.

Orthodontic Services

Orthodontics for kids assess and corrects the alignment and bite problems early on. This is through the use of traditional metal braces. Another innovation that corrects the teeth without the use of metal braces is Invisalign clear aligners. Crooked teeth can affect the confidence of your kids as they grow up. They might even get teased about it. Oshawa dentistry for kids helps them to be confident in life by straightening their teeth, making their mouth healthy as well.

Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies are unavoidable. Growing up kids tend to get into accidents that may come from doing sports or playing outdoor activities. When permanent teeth get loose or knocked out, call your dentist.

Toothaches can also hinder your kids from their daily activities. Do not allow this to get worse. If the pain is too severe then this might cause them to take time off school.

Sedation Dentistry for kids


Do not worry if you have an anxious child who is afraid of the dentist. Sedation dentistry for kids helps them to relax during procedures. This helps those who are unable to sit still during a procedure. Sedation also helps children who may have a strong gag reflex.

Take your kids to Oshawa dental clinic, a dental practice that you trust. It is important to provide them with the best dental care that you can give them from childhood.

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