Oshawa Tooth Filling Aftercare
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Oshawa Tooth Filling Aftercare

Dentists use a common dental procedure called Oshawa tooth filling to save a patient’s tooth from extraction and restore its function. A dental filling material like porcelain can imitate a tooth’s natural appearance and protect a tooth for a long time.

Patients with broken, decayed or chipped tooth can go to Harmony Dental Clinic to have a tooth filling. But, after leaving the dentist’s office, patients should continuously do maintenance checks on their teeth and the new filling.

Tooth filling aftercare


Patients may still feel sensitivity in their teeth even though it’s not the one with the Oshawa tooth filling. Dentists find this common and temporary as pain receptors do affect the nerves of the neighboring teeth. Food intake by the patients can also cause sensitivity to the filled tooth.


Dentists at Harmony Dental Clinic let their patients slowly bite down the teeth to spot any bump in the mirror. The added filling material may not be in level with the rest of the teeth. If the concern isn’t fixed, patients will feel odd when eating or speaking. Moreover, the filling tends to break easily.


Some foods can be harmful to a patient’s new Oshawa tooth filling. They should consider what to eat or drink to prevent the filling material from getting damaged. Extreme temperature like cold or hot drinks might irritate the filled tooth. If you can’t skip a morning coffee, at least wait for it to cool off a bit before taking a sip.

Patients should also forget about crunchy and sticky foods within a week after the treatment. The Harmony Dental Clinic reminds their patients to avoid gums, candies, and apples in the meantime. These types of food can disturb the filling material and might break or erode it off the tooth.

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