The Difference between Sports Guards and Night Guards
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The Difference between Sports Guards and Night Guards

Are you confused with dental appliances designed to protect your teeth when involved in sporting activities? You may find it challenging to distinguish the differences between a football mouth guard and a night guard. While both dental appliances protect your teeth and smile, sporting mouthguards are helpful to safeguard your smile when playing contact sports.

Nightguards are designed uniquely to stop you from grinding or clenching your teeth when sleeping. Contact sports and teeth grinding put you at a higher risk of tooth fractures and various oral health issues. Therefore you may want to discuss getting a teeth guard best suited for you with the Oshawa dentist.

Sports Guards Help Safeguard against Impact Injuries

An interruption to your game because you need an emergency dentist is always a frustration. If you are involved in contact sports, it helps to talk to your dentist about getting a custom mouthguard as soon as possible. You cannot wait until your teeth are knocked out or throbbing.

A custom-made sports guards protect your upper teeth from impacts. For example, football mouth guards protect your teeth and gums if you are tackled by an opponent built like a monster. Similarly, a basketball mouthguard protects your smile if another player extends their arms as part of the game and accidentally hits you in the mouth.

Mouthguards are also helpful for noncontact sports like gymnastics, ice skating, and others where the risk of injury exists. Sports guards in Oshawa, ON, can assist you in finding an excellent mouthguard to protect your smile and the activities you love. If you or your child wear braces, the dentist can create a unique mouthguard protecting both the upper and lower teeth. A mouth guard for braces prevents brackets and wires from cutting into your gums, tongue, or cheeks.

Night Guards Safeguard Your Teeth from Teeth Grinding

Many people have no information about bruxism, which causes them to grind their teeth when sleeping. Are you affected by bruxism? You may notice the condition because of jaw pain or information provided by your bed partner. However, the dentist undoubtedly observes the problem and other symptoms associated with it during routine dental cleaning. In addition, the issue of teeth grinding is disturbing and can wake up your bed partner because of the noises you make.

If you are affected by bruxism, you will likely have worn tooth enamel, jaw pain, sensitive teeth, sleep disruption, tired or tight jaw muscles, and headaches after awakening. When left untreated, bruxism permanently damages your teeth and gums. If you suspect you have bruxism, you must discuss the issue with your dentist, asking them about getting a mouth guard for teeth grinding. Nightguards help prevents teeth grinding by functioning as a protective layer between your upper and lower teeth because the dental appliance keeps them apart to prevent you from grinding your teeth when sleeping.

After your dentist diagnoses your condition and confirms the problem of bruxism, they create customized teeth grinding guards explicitly for you. During your first appointment, impressions of your teeth are taken by the dentist for the dental laboratory fabricating your sleeping mouthguard. You must schedule another meeting with the dentist when your dental appliance is ready. The dentist checks the fit of the clients to confirm you can sleep and breathe comfortably with it in your mouth.

What Is the Cost of Customized Night Guards?

The cost of restorative dentistry is significantly higher than the prices of a customized night guard. The price can vary according to the material used when fabricating the appliance, the number of dental appointments, and your dental insurance. You must expect to pay around $ 300-$ 500 for the device for the custom fit night guard serving you better than over-the-counter appliances, especially if you are dealing with the problem of bruxism. Custom-made nightguards undoubtedly cost more but are created specifically for you and your teeth.

What Is the Cost of Customized Sports Guards?

Customized sports guards are generally priced around $ 60 or more, depending on your insurance and other dental needs. If you decide to opt for over-the-counter mouthguards, you can purchase them for $ 20-$ 30 but must remember they are not customized for you. Over-the-counter mouthguards make you susceptible to injuries and cause breathing problems because of their improper fit. Therefore whether you want a boxing mouth guard or a night guard getting the dental appliance from your dentist near you is an excellent choice instead of looking for over-the-counter devices.

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