The Importance Of Baby Teeth
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The Importance Of Baby Teeth

Since we eventually lose our baby teeth or primary teeth, many people do not understand the importance of keeping baby teeth healthy. Even though we lose our primary teeth, they serve an essential function and must be kept healthy until the permanent teeth erupt into the mouth. Learn why they must be kept healthy and all efforts should be taken to save baby teeth that may be lost prematurely.

A Little Information About Primary Teeth

They start to erupt into the mouth around 6 months of age. The first tooth to come into the mouth is the lower front tooth most of the times. There are a total of 20 baby teeth that come into the mouth by around age 3. Baby teeth begin to fall out around the page of 6 which is when the adult teeth start to come into the mouth.

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Baby teeth are essential for eating and chewing function which allows for proper nutrition. They also allow for a normal facial appearance and speech development.

Another vital purpose of primary teeth is that they hold a certain amount of space so that the adult teeth can erupt into the mouth properly. If one or more baby teeth are prematurely, then the adult teeth cannot erupt into the mouth properly. When baby teeth are lost early, the nearby teeth tend to shift into the vacant space left by the lost baby tooth. This results in an improper bite and incorrect positioning when the adult teeth come into the mouth. A space maintainer may be placed in the mouth to avoid this problem if a tooth is lost prematurely, however, it is best to avoid this problem in the first place by keeping primary teeth healthy.

A major cause of early primary tooth loss is dental decay. Ensure that you are monitoring your child’s oral health and brushing habits. Most children cannot adequately clean their teeth on their own. Talk to your dental professional for tips and cleaning aids to ensure proper care. As well, your child should see a dental professional regularly to have their oral health monitored.

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