Tooth Desensitization
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Tooth Desensitization

Do you face the problem of not being able to have your favorite food or drink? If yes, then you have experienced one of the worse condition in your life. You are regretting this situation. If this happens because of sensitivity, then you should know what it is and how you are going to deal with it.

What cause sensitivity teeth?

Our gum tissue is exposed to the tooth root, which is directly connected with the tooth nerve. If you eat something hot or cold, you will feel the sensitivity in the teeth. Following you will find a list of reasons regarding the same.

  • If your brush is too hard, then it is a time to change it because it can harm your gums
  • Tooth decay can also be a problem if it is on the gum line
  • If you are using teeth whitening products, then temporary or permanent sensitivity can be caused
  • Your teeth may become chipped, broken or damaged then also it can create a problem
  • Plaque helps to grow bacteria, if the plaque is more, the dentist needs to remove and clean the teeth
  • Sometimes enamel can break which also leads to the same problem

How to desensitization teeth?

One of the best ways is going to the dentist and have a complete checkup of the teeth. Along with that, you should make sure about the following things which help you to reduce sensitivity.

  • You should clean your teeth every single day for 2 minutes two times, after that flossing. You cannot avoid anything because this is a very important and simple thing
  • You should use toothpaste which is made especially for the sensitive teeth
  • Get your teeth clean every six months or a year
  • Some people have this habit of grinding of teeth so make sure that you should wear a guard

Teeth sensitivity is a big issue for people because they would not be able to enjoy the things which they love a lot. The dentist would help you to get rid of this problem with the help of fluoride gel and some other treatment. If you are looking for a good dentist, then you can connect with Harmony Dental Care.

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