Can You Wear Any Types Of Dental Mouth Guards?
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Can You Wear Any Types Of Dental Mouth Guards?

Sometimes, you can only regret when you encounter dental accidents. You don’t see it coming that’s why it’s important to bring protective dental appliances in handy. There are types of dental mouth guards that fit your needs according to your lifestyle or activity.  

Three types of dental mouth guards

1.Stock mouth protectors. These are pre-formed dental appliances that’s ready and easy-to-use. Lots of these are available at any sports shops or department store.

However, it’s not as convenient as it seems. The Oshawa top dentist doesn’t recommend this type of mouthguard as it’s bulky and doesn’t adjust to fit the teeth. This only causes difficulty in talking and breathing. It may even cause more harm than prevention.  

2.Boil and bite type. This kind of mouth protector is the most common and is also available at sporting goods shops. It’s better than stock mouthguards as this can be modified to fit your teeth. It’s made of thermoplastic material so it becomes pliable when placed in a hot water. While it’s hot, you place it in your mouth and apply pressure so it molds your teeth shape.

3.Custom-fitted type. One of the types of dental mouth guards is customized in a dental laboratory according to your dentist’s instructions. The process starts with the dentist taking your teeth impression and then using its model as a mold for the mouthguard. With the special time and work involved, custom-made mouth guards are expensive. However, you can expect that it’s comfortable and effective in protecting your mouth.

You may use any of these mouth guard types. However, your dentist’s recommendation provides you with the most suitable and effective dental appliance.

Why do you need a mouth guard?

Anyone, according to an Oshawa top dentist, can use mouthguards. It’s safe to use and very helpful in reducing trauma if you have activities like the following:

  • Contact sports like boxing, basketball, football, and hockey. These activities expect close physical approach and it’s always possible to hit the mouth area.
  • Even non-contact sports are still posing risks of mouth injury. These include recreational activities like skateboarding or biking. Dancing and gymnastics are not exempted from mouth traumas.

Aside from sports, dental conditions like in the next paragraph require the types of dental mouth guards.

  • Teeth grinding is a dental problem that usually happens to people who are asleep. The cause isn’t clear, however, its effects show on the damages on the teeth. A customized mouth guard like a nocturnal bite plate is effective in stopping the pressure of the teeth grinding.

Know the most suitable mouth protection that suits your lifestyle with your Oshawa top dentist.

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