Underbite Surgery in Oshawa
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Underbite Surgery in Oshawa

An underbite is due to a misalignment of the lower jaw that causes the lower teeth to protrude in front of the upper ones. Most of the time, dentists are able to correct an underbite using orthodontic devices. However, sometimes skeletal problems are so severe that patients require underbite surgery in Oshawa.

Problems Caused by an Underbite

In addition to making your face appear longer, an underbite can lead to physical difficulties, including problems eating, swallowing, and speaking. Left untreated, teeth can become worn down and you may suffer from chronic headaches or earaches, bacterial infections in the mouth, or sleep apnea.

What Does Underbite Surgery Involve?

Your dentist will likely fit you with braces before surgery. This will move your teeth into the correct position. You will keep the braces on during and after the surgery.

You will receive a general anesthetic for the surgery, meaning you will neither feel nor remember any of the procedure. Your dentist will make incisions either inside your mouth or in your cheek near your wisdom teeth. The dentist will then move your jaw into the correct position, making your upper and lower teeth meet. Your bones will be held together using plates or screws.

Recovering from Surgery

Many people describe underbite surgery as feeling similar to having their wisdom teeth extracted. Your dentist may prescribe you an analgesic to reduce the pain.

To protect the sutures in your mouth, you will need to stick to a liquid-only diet. You will also need to rest for between one to three weeks. All discomfort should cease after around six weeks.

You will also receive a few checkups with your dentist, around one, three, and six weeks after surgery. Your dentist will adjust your braces and discuss the need for any further treatment, such as whitening or repairing the shape of teeth.

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