What Are Dental Onlays And Its Benefits?
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What Are Dental Onlays And Its Benefits?

Dental onlays are a type of dental fillings that dentists perform to repair a decayed tooth. It’s an ideal treatment for damaged bites but not quite fractured enough to need a dental crown. Aside from reparation, there are other benefits patients enjoy from dental onlays.


The Harmony dentist can name multiple advantages for patients who are having dental onlays.

  • Less invasive than a crown. For patients who have dental anxieties due to pain, the process in dental onlays is painless. It doesn’t require surgical procedures and it’s usually done within a few hours in every visit.
  • Covers more than one cusp. Compared to inlays, dental onlays can cover more than one cusp or the entire biting surface of the teeth. This makes a better option than dental crowns.
  • Reduces root canal therapy need. Dentists use biomimetic dentistry to preserve and conserve a damaged tooth. The process replaces damaged dental tissues with materials saving it from root canal treatment.  
  • Saves natural tooth. A Harmony dentist can fix the natural tooth with composite dental materials. It’s the best choice to prevent tooth extraction.
  • It feels and looks more like a genuine tooth. Dental onlays use composite materials that are tooth colored and molds well into ideal tooth structures.
  • More durable and long-lasting. Dental onlays not only use materials that are aesthetically good, but are also proven tough in protecting the tooth.

Dental onlays materials

Porcelain and ceramic onlays are best for restoring the front teeth. Those materials can easily blend and match with the colors of the surrounding teeth, giving a natural look. Those are also tough in sealing and protecting the tooth.

Gold and resin materials are best in filling the molars since they’re less visible and requires heavy-duty dental onlays. Rest assured that the Harmony dentist will select the most suitable dental onlays for you.

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