You might confront broken teeth due to impacts on your mouth, accidents, or contact sports. You might think the impact hasn’t caused much damage besides a minor chip or crack. However, can you leave a broken tooth untreated because you don’t experience any pain in the mouth?

You commit a grave error by leaving a broken untreated, perhaps thinking the tooth will heal itself. Unfortunately, the reverse is true because the tooth, instead of recovering, will worsen with time and require intensive treatments or tooth extractions. Therefore whenever you think you have a cracked tooth, you must receive broken tooth treatment in Oshawa, ON, at the earliest.

What Happens When You Have Untreated Broken Tooth?

The Harvard medical school confirms that your tooth enamel doesn’t have blood vessels or nerves. Therefore you might not experience significant pain from the loss of enamel because of a cracked tooth. Unfortunately, a broken tooth might have tiny chips or entire tooth breakage from the exterior of the enamel, leaving the dental pulp and dentin vulnerable.

If your dental pulp and dentin are exposed, you will encounter pain, and the bacteria in your mouth will contaminate the vulnerable area. You might also confront discoloration and sensitivity to temperatures. Symptoms such as swollen gums, discomfort when chewing or eating, sensitive teeth, intermittent pain, and a feeling of discomfort in the mouth are indicators of local teeth that need prompt treatment.

At the same time, broken teeth can cause damage to your mouth by cutting your tongue and remaining painful near the area. Therefore getting the broken tooth treated should remain your priority.

Can You Leave the Broken Tooth Untreated?

Whether you have a tooth with significant breaks or a chipped tooth getting it treated at the earliest should remain your priority unless you want to confront severe underlying problems. The chipped or broken tooth becomes comfortable places for food debris to stay trapped and cause infections like tooth decay and gum disease.

If the bacteria infect your dental pulp, the infection results in a dental abscess, a life-threatening condition harmful to your entire body besides the neighbouring teeth. In addition, bacteria from the dental abscess can spread through your bloodstream to cause complications like respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cancer, requiring treatments from different medical professionals instead of your dentist.

It would help if you didn’t delay getting treatment for the broken tooth because timely treatment delivers excellent outcomes. The most beneficial treatment for a broken tooth is capping the tooth with a dental crown to ensure it remains free from infections or other treatments delivering similar results. Therefore while you can leave the broken tooth untreated if you wish, you benefit from having it corrected to protect your remaining teeth and your oral health.

What Can You Expect from Dentists for a Broken Tooth?

The severity of the damage your tooth has incurred determines the treatment the dentist provides. Some examples of treatments for broken teeth are mentioned below for your reference.

Dental filling Or Composite Bonding

Dentists use tooth-coloured fillings to fill minor chips to ensure it doesn’t impact your smile. Dentists recommend composite bonding to fix the tooth and hide the damage if the broken tooth is visible when smiling. The bonding treatment is conservative and requires merely one appointment with your dentist when undergoing a painless treatment.

Root Canals

If the broken tooth allowed bacteria to infect the dental pulp, you might require root canal treatment to eliminate infected and inflamed pulp inside your tooth before cleaning and sealing the space. You must also have the tooth restored with a dental crown for appearance and functionality.

Leaving a chipped or cracked tooth in your mouth untreated is similar to inviting disaster in your mouth that might cause you to require intensive and expensive treatments besides spending time with dentists to overcome the challenges you confront. Instead, if you have the broken tooth treated as soon as possible, you prevent unnecessary complications and preserve your natural tooth to serve you for years.

Whenever you suffer an impact on your mouth and think you might have a broken tooth, your first call should go out to your dentist requesting an appointment to fix the damage. You must also keep your mouth clean to avoid infections by rinsing gently after every meal until you get your dentist to receive the treatment.

Harmony Dental Care provides excellent and effective broken tooth treatments in Oshawa, helping you restore your natural teeth. Please do not hesitate to contact this practice for broken tooth repair soon after you experience this specific condition.

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