What Is The Process Of Teeth Bonding For Gaps?
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What Is The Process Of Teeth Bonding For Gaps?

Diastema or the gap between the two upper front teeth can also happen between the molars or incisors. Some find this occurrence appealing. However, others think it’s unnatural so they opt for teeth bonding for gaps.

The good thing about teeth gaps is that numerous cultures find this attractive. It poses a sense of uniqueness and identity. Aside from its looks, it’s easier to clean food debris with wider teeth spaces.


Although there are edges, the top dentist in Oshawa says that diastema has adversary effects.

  1. Speech defects. Due to the teeth gap, the air can easily escape making words and sounds indistinct. Kids who have this can develop lisping or even speech delays.
  2. Teeth problems. It may be easier to clean, yet patients also neglect cleaning the teeth space that leads to periodontal disease. Teeth bonding for gaps can also treat habits like tongue thrusting. Anything unusual in the mouth can cause such mannerism and can result in procline teeth.
  3. Aesthetics. Most cultures, unfortunately, find diastema abnormal and a reason for bullying.

Teeth bonding for gap process

The procedure of teeth bonding is simple and a top dentist in Oshawa can do it in a single visit.

  • First, he matches the color of the composite resin to the teeth color.
  • He then prepares the teeth by etching the surfaces and applying conditioning liquid. This will make the bonding material adhere easily.
  • After the dentist prepares the teeth, he starts applying the teeth bonding for gaps. He uses the putty-like material on the teeth and molds it properly.
  • After he’s satisfied with this, he solidifies the bonding material in place with an ultraviolet light.
  • Using a dental polisher, the teeth will look sleek and perfect without the gap.  

Patients should consider having a teeth bonding with the top dentist in Oshawa for amazing results!

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