When To Go: Oshawa Dental Emergency
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When To Go: Oshawa Dental Emergency

Dental accidents can sometimes be out of hand and a quick response can mean a matter of saving or losing the affected tooth. That’s why it’s essential to find a dental clinic that has a repute in providing 24/7 Oshawa dental emergency assistance.

The Harmony Dental Care sets up an automated call answering system to be able to respond to patients 24/7. They want to assure their clients that dental treatment is one call away, at any time of the day. This dental clinic in Oshawa has an equipped facility to provide treatment for emergency situations.

Dental cases that need Oshawa dental emergency assistance

Severe bleeding gums

Periodontal disease can sometimes cause bleeding in the gums. You can put direct pressure on the gush using clean gauze as first aid treatment. However, it is always advised to rush to an Oshawa dental emergency if the bleeding is severe.

Swelling and Pus

An abscess is a sign of infection in the form of swell and pus causing pain in the gums. Delaying its treatment means prolonged discomfort and posing a risk of spreading the disease to the rest of your teeth. If an abscess has reached the tooth pulp, the dentist at the dental clinic in Oshawa recommends a root canal therapy on the tooth.

Extreme Discomfort

An infected toothache can be extremely painful and no one needs to endure this. Dentists discourage applying analgesic to the affected gums as it may only cause inflammation. Patients should immediately seek help from Oshawa dental emergency and have the affected tooth cleaned or removed.  

Broken Tooth

Sometimes, adults break their tooth from sports accidents. Dentists can save knocked-out tooth or its chipped piece if you go with it to the dental clinic in Oshawa to have it cemented back with an adhesive.

You can keep the Harmony Dental Care phone number in your speed dial in case of a dental emergency.

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