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Which Foods Are Good & Bad For Teeth?

Good Foods For Teeth

Raw/ Crunchy Fruits& Vegetables – These foods are great for your teeth because they help to cleanse and clean out bacteria, plaque and food debris from the biting surfaces of your teeth. They are excellent to eat after consumption of any sugary or acidic foods to help clear those foods from the mouth and reduce the risk of cavities.

Cheese – Surprisingly, cheese is good for your teeth because it has a more basic pH level. Acidic foods change the pH level of your mouth to a more acidic environment, which can lead to cavities. It is recommended to eat a small cube of cheese after consuming anything sugary or acidic to regulate the pH level of your mouth. 

Water  Staying hydrated and drinking water is vital in a healthy body and mouth. Water helps to clear foods from your teeth and aids in the production of saliva. Tap water contains fluoride in most municipalities, which is added to help reduce the risk of cavities. 

Bad Foods For Teeth

Sticky/ Chewy/ Gummy Foods – These kinds of foods, when they contain sugar, quickly get stuck in the biting surfaces of the teeth and can prolong the exposure to sugar. Try to reduce your/your child’s candy intake, sweetened dried fruit and granola bars. Because it is hard to clear these foods from the teeth, cavities are more significant when they are eaten regularly. 

Citrus Fruits – Although good for you, high consumption of citrus fruits can lead to acid erosion on the tooth surfaces because they are highly acidic. Try to rinse your mouth with water or eat a small cube of cheese after consuming citrus fruits. 

Soda – Soda is particularly bad for your teeth because it contains both sugar and a high acid level. Soda can cause cavities as well as acid erosion on your teeth. Diet soda contains a sweetening agent to replace the sugar but is still very acidic. Try to reduce your consumption of soda. 

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