Top 5 Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips
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Top 5 Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Your wisdom teeth are the last to come out but sometimes they need to be extracted. Since they’re at the far back of the mouth, they’re difficult to clean and hardly useful. The process could be tedious; however, wisdom teeth removal recovery tips can help you return to your normal life faster.

Five wisdom teeth removal recovery tips

These top five tips are few of the simple home remedies you can do to boost your healing time.

  1. Soft diet. A top dentist in Oshawa says this advice should be a no-brainer. With the sore and ache in your gums, it would be tough to eat hard food. Choose to intake puddings or porridge at first and gradually try softer solids like mashed potato. A bit of ice cream can’t hurt, too!
  2. Lots of rest. This is one of the wisdom teeth removal recovery tips you need to follow in order to get back to your routines fast. Moreover, prevent yourself from doing strenuous activities like lifting weights or even running.
  3. Mouth exercises. The top dentist in Oshawa mentions that trismus or stiffness of the mouth and jaw is normal after tooth extraction. Opening and closing your mouth slowly can be an effort, but you must do it or your jaws remain stuck.
  4. Control swelling and pain. Mix a pinch of salt with warm water and gargle with it after meals. Afterwards, place an ice pack on the surgery area. These are effective wisdom teeth removal recovery tips you can do to help reduce the pain and swell after the dental surgery.
  5. Control bleeding. Remember to follow the advice of the top dentist in Oshawa to bite down a gauze on your bleeding gums. When you arrive home, you can make use of a damp tea bag as it can help wounds to heal faster.

Learn more tooth extraction recovery tips with your dentist at Harmony Dental Care.

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