What Material is Used for Bone Grafts

What Material is Used for Bone Grafts

May 08, 2018

Understanding a dental implant is important as it may require bone grafting Oshawa; bone grafting may be required if your jaw bone is thin or has disappeared over time from the tooth being gone.

If you have a tooth fall out over time the bone that held the roots will disappear as there are no tooth roots to hold it there, much like soil erosion when the vegetation has been burned off from a wildfire.

What material is used for bone grafts

The material used for bone grafts can come from several places;

  • Bone from the person having the graft
  • Cadaver bone  – this is where people have donated their bones like their organs
  • Synthetic materials
  • Bovine (cow) bone

Due to the chance of rejection depending on how much bone is required for the procedure most dental clinics will try to use the bone of the person having the graft or synthetic materials.

Cadaver bones often work well and you do not have to worry about catching something as the bone has been sterilized and cleaned.

Once the graft is done you will have to wait until that is healed before you can then have the dental implant procedure done.

The way the bone graft works is the dentist or oral surgeon will place a small piece of bone or synthetic material in the area that needs more bone, as it heals it will promote more bone growth.

After bone graft

It takes 6 to 9 month to completely heal from the bone graft; during that time your Oshawa dentist will have you follow after graft instructions.

This may include an antiseptic mouth rinse once or twice a day, not eat certain foods, or not wear dentures. Avoid vigorous mouth rinsing, spitting or touching the wound area following surgery for the first 24 hours.




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