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One important specialist among dentists are orthodontists. They deal with the alignment of teeth, straightening of crooked teeth, and mitigating the consequences of crooked and misaligned teeth over time. Crooked teeth can cause many different problems in areas other than the mouth. When you chew with these teeth, your muscles use more energy and that affects the muscles in the head and neck. Crooked and misaligned teeth are also a source of insecurity for many people and straightening the teeth can be a great way to boost confidence in your appearance.

Dentists have many different tools for straightening and aligning teeth. Most are devices worn on the patient that work by applying slight pressure the teeth and the gums to slowly shape the teeth into the preferred position over time. One of the most common devices of this type are braces. To get braces, you need to make an appointment with your dentist.

Why Do I Need Braces?

Contrary to popular belief, wanting a beautiful smile isn’t the only reason to get braces. Here are some benefits of braces:

✔Straight teeth and an aligned jaw
✔People who have had braces are less likely to get oral health problems over time. They are also more likely to have strong teeth and good oral hygiene.
✔An aligned jaw and straight teeth will mean less tension in the muscles of the surrounding head and jaw. It also means less opportunity to accidentally bite down on the cheeks and tongue.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces are a mechanism that consists of wires, brackets, and bands, where all three works together to align teeth.
– Bands: Bands work as anchors for the braces. They are fixed around the teeth to hold the mechanism into place.
– Brackets: Brackets are used on the front teeth and hold together teeth that are too far apart
– Archwires: Archwires are attached to the bands while passing through the brackets. They are tightened to put pressure on the teeth in just the right amount to move the teeth into better alignment. Archwires need to be tightened regularly for as long as the braces are worn.

Can Adults Get Braces?

A common misconception is that adults cannot get braces. The reason why dentists recommend them is that at a young age is that the gums are soft and they are easier to align in a relatively short amount of time. As you age, your gums will get stronger, and braces will take a longer time. However, it is never too late to improve your oral health.

Styles of Braces

We offer to our patients, modern and light braces that are effective and attractive. It’s your choice to get either metal or ceramic braces. Whichever type you choose will be high quality braces that will straighten your teeth in style.

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