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Can Dental Sealants Benefit Your Smile?

Children and adults are at risk for developing cavities, especially with deeper grooves and pits on the biting surfaces of the molars. Sometimes our cavity risk is just associated with the anatomical shape of our teeth. Dental sealants prevent cavities in these grooves and pits before they occur and are a good option at any age. 

What is a Dental Sealant? 

A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that gets brushed onto any at-risk tooth surface. Sealants are like a barrier between the tooth structure and oral bacteria. The sealant material goes on liquid and seeps into the deeper nooks and crannies, acting like a protective covering. 

Where Can Dental Sealants Be Applied?

Dental sealants will be used for any at-risk tooth with a deeper groove or pit. The most common teeth are the biting surface of the molars and premolars, the pit that is common on the front surface of the lower molars, and the pit that is common on the back side of the upper lateral incisors. Your dentist will let you know which teeth are at risk for cavities and, therefore, which teeth would benefit from dental sealants. 

Dental Sealant Procedure 

First, the teeth will be cleaned, polished and dried. An acid will be applied to help the sealants bond to the teeth through the etching of the tooth’s surface. Once the acid is washed off, the sealant material can be brushed on and hardened in place by a light cure. The entire procedure is speedy and also completely painless.

How Long do Sealants Last? 

Depending on location and wear and tear over time, sealants can last anywhere from a few years to 20+ years. They can chip over time, so your dentist and dental hygienist must check the integrity of the sealants at your routine check-ups. Dental sealants can easily be replaced or patched up at any time. 

Cost of Dental Sealants 

Sealants are less expensive than dental fillings. They typically cost 30-50 dollars per tooth and are usually covered by dental insurance. If interested, a predetermination can be sent to your insurance to inquire about coverage. 

If you have questions about dental sealants or want to assess the benefit for your teeth, please book a consultation appointment with us today

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