Check Up and Cleaning

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Check Up and Cleaning

At Harmony Dental Care, we know that going to the dentist’s office is no one’s idea of a good time. However, in the long run, you can save time in the dentist’s chair by getting regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. In addition, you’ll save money from expensive dental procedures and have a healthier, more beautiful smile.

During a visit, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth, examine your mouth, and give you a dental x-ray.

Dental Checkup / Cleaning

Even if you have an perfect record of brushing and flossing your teeth every night, there are certain things that you’re bound to miss. There are stains and hardened tartar that are nearly impossible to remove on your own. There are also spots that you may just routinely miss. Without a dentist to thoroughly go over your teeth, plaque and tartar will build up where you least expect and cause damage to your teeth.

Oral Examination

A dentist will also thoroughly examine your mouth. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and it’s best to catch such problems early. If you grind your teeth at night or have problems with your TMJ, a dentist may be the first one to notice and help treat you before they get worse. More seriously, the dentist will check for early signs of oral cancer, which is much easier to treat if caught before any, more noticeable, problems arise.

Dental X-Ray

The dentist will also give a dental x-ray. Oral health doesn’t just happen on the outside, and if you have problems with the roots of your teeth or one of your wisdom teeth has become impacted, this may be the only way to know for sure. In addition, certain cavities are hidden between teeth, or sometimes decay starts to build underneath a crown. Having a dental x-ray makes me these problems much easier to diagnose and to fix.

If you’re interested in getting a dental checkup and cleaning in Oshawa, come visit us at Harmony Dental Care, or contact us and make an appointment.