What Are The Benefits Of Custom Sports Mouth Guard
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What Are The Benefits Of Custom Sports Mouth Guard

A custom sports mouth guard is an underrated safety dental device as many don’t notice its advantages. Patients only realize they should have worn one after an accident. Some may find mouthguards annoying, however, its structure serves an essential purpose.

There are plenty of mouthguard types at the dental clinic in Oshawa that would suit your preference.


Premade mouthguards are available at any sporting goods store or over-the-counter pharmacies. It is made of a thick plastic material that protects the teeth from external traumas and teeth clenching.

Compared to the custom sports mouth guard, premade mouthguards won’t properly fit in the teeth. They come in a u-shaped form and you wear it as it is. If you use this during sports, it might come off while you’re in heavy contact or movement. If it’s too hard and big for your mouth, it may also cause more harm.

Custom sports mouth guard

Your dentist at the dental clinic in Oshawa provides you the custom-made sports mouthguard. During your dental visit, they would take your teeth impression. He then sends it to a dental laboratory to fabricate your teeth model with the mouthguard. The finished product will be sent back to your dentist and give it to you for fitting.  

Benefits of custom sports mouth guard

There are lots of benefits from using a custom sports mouth guard. You will never know what dental accident that may come your way during an extreme activity. Playing rugby, basketball and boxing are examples of contact sports where you need a tough protection. Even non-contact sports or activities need safety precautions. Bad falls happen when dancing, right?

Consider these highlights of customized mouthguards.

  • Maximum protection. Custom-fitted mouthguards cover and protect the entire set of your teeth. It has a mechanism that during an impact in the mouth, it becomes a shock absorber.
  • Perfect fit. Every mouth varies in shape and size so having a custom-fitted mouthguard is important. If it fits you suitably, it’s still easy to close your mouth and breathe and talk normally.
  • Comfort. Since a customized mouthguard is made directly out of your teeth impression, there are no extra bulky sides to annoy you.
  • Cost. Compared to premade mouthguards, custom types are expensive. However, compared to dental treatments like tooth extraction or reparation, mouthguards are a good investment and preventive measure.

The next time you’re going out for an extreme sport, make sure to bring in handy your mouth guard. Order a custom sports mouth guard at the dental clinic in Oshawa.

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