Dental Emergency: What You Need to Know to Handle the Situation

Dental Emergency: What You Need to Know to Handle the Situation

Feb 26, 2019

From a broken tooth to losing a tooth, a dental emergency can happen at any time. Oral health is as important as the rest of your body. It could be serious even if it looks like the situation can be managed at home easily.

The breaking of the tooth might not hurt or you think it can be taken care at a later stage. Harmony Dental Care recommends that any changes to your teeth, gums or soft tissue inside your mouth should be checked by a dentist as soon as possible. It shouldn’t be delayed.

Manage the dental emergency at home until you’re able to see a doctor with few tips-

  • Missing tooth

Handle the situation calmly if your knocks out. Don’t panic as the dentist in Oshawa will be able to refit the tooth.

If your tooth falls on the ground, pick it up carefully and rinse it off. Place the tooth into a small sealed container of milk or lightly salted water.

Get to an emergency as soon as possible as delays in time might reduce the chances of getting it refit.

  • Dental abscess

This issue does not happen overnight, it develops with time. Oral hygiene should never be neglected as bacteria can enter into the gum via even the small cracks which can lead to painful inflammation.

If you feel a little pain, go to Harmony Dental Care. Their dentist will remove the abscess which contains a large amount of pus and will prescribe medication to overcome the infection.

  • Missing crown/cap

Generally, dental crowns last for decades, due to some reason it might lose or fall. If your crown falls, spit it out and rinse it.

See a dentist as soon as possible, until then rinse your mouth with salt water and place the crown back into place with dental adhesive.

  • Broken tooth

Dentist recommends during broken tooth treatment in Oshawa, ON rinse your mouth with salt water instead of using mouth wash.

A dental emergency can happen at any time, visit a broken tooth dentist near you as soon as possible.

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