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Freshen up Your Smile with Dentures

For a good looking smile, it’s important to have a complete set of teeth. Dental issues can make it hard to smile with confidence. If you have lost your teeth for tooth decay or injury, you may need dentures.

Dentures are fake teeth and gums that can be removed. The purpose of these artificial teeth is to replace the missing teeth. Previously, dentures were made of plastic or porcelain. However, the advanced material we use in the making of dentures is hard resin. It gives you the comfort and long-lasting tooth life.

How We Make Custom Dentures

Harmony Dental Care makes high quality handcrafted dentures. Our qualified panel of dentists makes dentures that suit the patient’s speaking style. The procedure we follow is professional and done with care to ensure you get the best dentures to suit your needs.

First, one of our experts will capture impressions of your tooth. After this, these impressions are used to make a wax model of your mouth. Once the model is ready, we will show you several shapes of dentures to pick one accordingly. Then, we send it to our lab so that it looks appropriate when worn. Lastly, our dentist will make a final adjustment of the false set of teeth.

Why You Need Dentures

It is true that without teeth, basic life tasks become more difficult. Lack of teeth hinder the process of eating, speaking and chewing. On the other hand, with the help of dentures, you can tackle such problems without trouble.

Dentures increase self-esteem
When there is tooth loss, the structural support of the face disappears. This can greatly distort a person’s appearance which, in turn, decreases confidence. Thus, dentures can elevate your self-esteem by giving support to the face and maintaining your appearance.

Provide stability
Compared to implants or plates, dentures are more stable, which can lead to greater comfort and confidence.

Easy to clean
The maintenance of dentures is not an arduous task. You can either clean it yourself or visit us for our professional service.

Our top quality hard resin dentures are good looking and can be customized to suit your preferences.

Complete Dentures vs. Partial Dentures

Most of the time, our dentists recommend one of two types of dentures, partial dentures and complete bridges. A partial denture is removable and placed on a metal framework. It is then fixed in your mouth. Complete bridges can be either immediate or conventional. This category of dentures is permanent, so you cannot remove it.

If you have dental problems, give us a call. We will book an appointment for you with one of our qualified and experienced dentists. If you have any questions about your oral health, visits us during our office hours.

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