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Surprising Foods that are actually Good for your Teeth

Family dentists in Oshawa at the best Oshawa dental clinic will tell you that what you eat and drink is a big part of your dental health. Sometimes they will even let you in on secrets about the best foods for your teeth. Trust us, the results are surprising!

Read on to learn more about what the surprising foods that are actually good for your teeth.

    • Water. One of the best things you can do for your mouth is drink water. Naturally, water isn’t a food, but it is packed with a lot of nutrients, including fluoride. Whether it is with bottled water or tap water, the water you drink contains fluoride which is extremely helpful to rebuilding or strengthening enamel. It also flushes out food particles while not depositing any sugar or acid, like soda.
    • Cheese is another fantastic food for your teeth. Like milk, cheese is loaded with calcium. As we all know, calcium strengthens your bones. Believe it or not, teeth actually share many similar qualities to bones.Furthermore, cheese is loaded with another awesome element called caseins. Caseins support tooth enamel. In cases where enamel is worn down, caseins can help rebuild it. So, the next time someone tells you to lay off the cheese, tell them it’s good for your teeth!
  • High fiber foods are a fantastic way to keep your teeth healthy. The biggest reason is these foods are often crunchy and therefore require a lot of chewing. Unlike food that is dense, chewing will not break your teeth; rather, these high fiber foods like spinach act a lot like another toothbrush. They sweep out all the extra food and particles that hang out on your teeth.

Do you have more questions about what foods are good for your teeth? Speak with your Oshawa dental clinic to learn more about what foods you should eat to help keep your teeth healthy!

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