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Most people need to have a filling at some point in their life. A filling restores a tooth damaged by decay, repairing the tooth structure to allow you to eat and speak properly.

The Procedure

We usually discover that patients need a filling during regular checkups. However, sometimes patients book appointments due to symptoms of a tooth decay, including toothache, sensitivity, and visible holes.

Once we have diagnosed that you do have a cavity, we will give you a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and then remove the decay from your tooth. We will then fill the space with the material of your choice.

Choosing the Right Material

We offer fillings in several different materials. We will help you choose the right material according to where you need the filling, the extent of the damage, any allergies you have, and your budget.


Amalgam is the traditional material for fillings. Durable and inexpensive, amalgam fillings remain common, although they are no longer the preferred option. As they are silver in colour, amalgam fillings are rarely used for visible areas of the mouth.


Composite fillings are affordable and match the colour of your teeth. They are ideal for smaller cavities.


Another tooth-coloured option is porcelain. These fillings last longer than composite fillings and are stain-resistant. However, they are more expensive. Unlike amalgam and composite, they require two visits to our clinic, as the filling is created in a lab and then bonded to your tooth.


Gold is the strongest material available for fillings — gold fillings can last more than 20 years. However, gold fillings tend to be less popular, as they cost around the same as porcelain but lack the aesthetics. Like porcelain fillings, they are created in a lab and require more than one appointment to fit.

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