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General Services

General Dental Services

We provide a full range of general dentistry services, from routine checkups to emergency care. Everything is carried out in the comfort of our clinic, including surgery for extractions, periodontal therapy, and root canal treatment.

Routine Treatment

During a dental checkup, we examine your entire mouth. We check each tooth in turn, examine the condition of your gums, and look for early signs of serious conditions. You will also receive a professional cleaning, including scaling and root planing if we notice any symptoms of gum disease. Often, we’ll give children dental sealants to protect molars from cavities.

For nervous patients, we offer sedation dentistry for any treatment, including checkups. This may be the best approach for frightened or hyper children, as well as adults who have a phobia of visiting the dentist.


Our team can transform a damaged tooth to restore proper biting function and improve appearance. For small to medium cavities, we offer fillings. For more extensive damage, we provide crowns made from a variety of materials. In yet other cases, we may recommend a cap or veneer.

Emergency Services

It is essential you have someone you can trust to turn to in an emergency. We are available 24 hours a day to improve your chances of saving a tooth and prevent the need for substantial treatment. Outside business hours, our team handles emergencies like knocked-out teeth, cracks and chips, abscesses, and toothache. If we find an infection under your tooth or the risk of infection is high, we will start root canal therapy treatment immediately.

Customized Treatment

Some dental issues require customized treatment to resolve. For instance, we offer tooth desensitization according to the cause of the sensitivity. We can also work with you to find a solution to teeth grinding, and we can make you a customized for nightguard for that purpose.

General Dentistry Services