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How can I Keep a Healthy Smile in Between Checkups?

If you’ve ever been to an Oshawa dental checkup you know that regular checkups and cleanings are crucial to your dental health. But how do you maintain a healthy smile between checkups at your Oshawa dentistHere are some tips.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile at Home

It’s a busy world we live in today and it can be tempting to drop certain self-care routines like dental hygiene from our busy schedules. But skipping out on our oral care routines can lead to serious consequences that can be painful to experience and costly to repair. Here’s a look at what you should do to ensure you are maintaining the healthiest smile possible in between dental visits.

  •  Brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day.
  • Floss every day.
  • Use mouthwash directly after brushing your teeth.
  • Try to find toothpaste that has fluoride in it, because fluoride straightens your tooth’s enamel.
  • Change your toothbrush after you are sick.

Take care when purchasing dental care products. Some dentists recommend an electric toothbrush or water flossing device while others may suggest traditional tools that are designed for optimal cleaning. All will agree that practising proper hygiene routine is most important.
If you’re not sure which dental hygiene products are right for you, ask for recommendations from experts at Oshawa dental offices. Harmony Dental Care offers free education on home dental care during every dental visit and can help you decide the right products to use. Of course, home dental care doesn’t replace the need to visit the dentist regularly for an exam and professional cleaning. To learn more and schedule your routine dental checkup and cleaning, contact the friendly staff at Harmony Dental Care and request an appointment.

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